Electronic Music II: Programming and Electronics for Art & Music

Music G6602
Thursday 3-5pm, Room 320H Prentis Hall
Spring 2013
Professor: Douglas Repetto [douglas at music columbia edu]
TA: Natacha Diels [ndd2117 at columbia edu]
Our Motto: "Why and how."
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Electronic Music II: Programming and Electronics for Art & Music

The Class

This class is an introduction to the use of computer programming languages and DIY electronics in the context of music and art-making. No previous experience in either computer programming or electronics is needed, although you must be willing to really dig in to both topics.

There are four main components to the class:

We will also have visits from a number of guest artists during the term.

The Schedule

The class meets every THURSDAY afternoon from 3-5pm. I get very grumpy if students are late. Please be on time. Prentis Hall is a 10-15 minute walk from main campus.

The online lecture notes/schedule are here. Schedule subject to change based on number of students in the class, the group's interests, and cosmic noise.

The Grades

Grading is as follows:

attendance: 25%
presentations: 25%
final project: 50%

Come to class, do the presentations, do the final project, and you have an A. Don't do all of that, and you don't have an A. Grading is purely mechanical, and does not involve the evaluation of your work. This grading policy is designed to encourage you to stretch out and take chances with your work, as the "success" of your pieces is not related to your grade in the class.

The Studio Access

Taking this class gives you access to the equipment in Prentis studios 324 (music room, disklavier) and 313 (electronics workbench, junk supplies). To reserve a room use the signup sheet at:


The username and password will be given to you on the first day of class.

The Recommended Resources

The End

(Have some fun!)