[rtcmix~] for pd/OSX

64-bit for pd-0.5 (or later); July 2020


1. Unpack the archive.

2. Inside the "rtcmix~-for-pd" folder is an "rtcmix~" folder. Copy/move that entire folder intact to your "Documents/pd/externals" folder (note: this is assuming you are using the default installation locations for pd).

3. Start (or restart) pd. [rtcmix~] should be working.

NOTE: If you are installing [rtcmix~] on OSX machines running Catalina (10.15.x) or later, you will probably get the TRULY ANNOYING Apple 'gatekeeper' message about the library/application not able to run because it isn't from a 'signed developer'. One of these days I'll wade through the impenetrable documentation about how to do this, but for now you can follow the instructions here to get it going.

note on editing scorefiles

At present, scorefile information is not stored with the pd patch when it is saved. You will need to use the [open] message to load an existing scorefile into [rtcmix~], and be sure to use a [save]/[saveas] message to store a scorefile that has been modified within pd.

To modify a scorefile within pd, click on the [rtcmix~] object in a locked (i.e. editing off) pd patcher. This will open an editor on the current [rtcmix~] script. If the script has not been loaded with an [open] message, [rtcmix~] will create a temporary file for editing. BE CERTAIN TO SAVE THIS using the [save]/[saveas] message before exiting pd, or the work will be lost.

In this version, the ability to select a particular editor using the [editor] message does not function on OSX.

Brad Garton
July, 2020