[rtcmix~] for MaxMSP/OSX

64-bit for Max/MSP 7 or 8; July 2020


1. Unpack the archive.

2. Move the entire "RTcmix-2.01" folder intact to your "/Users/Sharer/Max 7/Library/" or your "/Users/Sharer/Max 8/Library/" folder.

3. Start (or restart) Max/MSP. [rtcmix~] should be working.

NOTE: If you are installing [rtcmix~] on OSX machines running Catalina (10.15.x) or later, you will probably get the TRULY ANNOYING Apple 'gatekeeper' message about the library/application not able to run because it isn't from a 'signed developer'. One of these days I'll wade through the impenetrable documentation about how to do this, but for now you can follow the instructions here to get it going.

Brad Garton
July, 2020