[in fact, Nissa the Kitty]

jnissa is yet another fun little app I've written using JSyn, that nice&nifty java-based digital sound synthesis/sig-processing language written by Phil Burk (yay again, Phil!). I had such a good time with jlooch that I couldn't resist another excuse to make ambient-like noises happen through the miracle of digital technology. So, here it is...

Hear Them Sounds!

What the buttons and sliders do

  • The Tiny Thread on/off Buttons:
  • The Graphics Checkboxes:
  • The GO button and Volume Slider:
  • The CPU Load Slider:

    The Ancient History of jnissa

    Some More Semi-Silly Answers to Semi-Silly Questions


    Please feel free to send me comments, etc.: Brad Garton (garton - at - columbia - dot - edu). Every once in a great while I randomly answer a bunch of stacked-up e-mail. Also be sure to visit the Computer Music Center home page. It's a fun place!

    Oh, and here's Phil Burk's Random Cool Links