Concert I 04.06-07.99
Cunningham Dance Studio
Technologies Day
Prentis Hall
Concert II 04.08.99
Miller Theatre
Concert III 04.09.99
The Kitchen
Concert I
04.06-07.98 - 9pm
Cunningham Dance Studio

An evening focusing on movement-sound interactive works and featuring:
Movement Study II
by Wayne Siegel
Choreographed and Performed by Mata Sakka

A work for solo dancer and the DIEM Digital Dance system developed by Wayne Siegel and Jens Jacobsen.

Song for the Living/Dance for the Dead
by Russell Pinkston, Choreography by Mata Sakka, Video by Anita Pantin
Performed by: Natassa Aretha, Bernd Burgmaier, Nadez Catenacci Hristoula Haraka, Inger Malene Glette, Vicky Kolovou, Maggie Lloyd, Hope Mohr, (members of the Merce Cunningham Dance Studio)

>A work for dancers, and real-time sound realized through the MIDI dance floor developed by the composer

Orizzonte degli eventi
by Marco Cardini
Music by Leonello Tarabellaand Massimo Magrini.
APH system and technical coordination by Giuseppe Scapellato.
Performed by L.Tarabella, M.Magrini, M.Cardini

A computer music and computer graphics performance using the gesture-tracking wireless devices developed at the Computer Music Lab of CNUCE/C.N.R., Pisa - Italy

Composed and Performed by Matthew Suttor

An interactive multimedia chamber opera in one act for a solo performer based on Balzac's Sarrasine, featuring software from the Studio for Electronic Instrumental Music (STEIM) in Amsterdam.

Interactive Technologies Day
04.07.98 - 10am-5pm
Prentis Hall
Talks and presentations from 10pm - 3pm
Schedule includes:
-Miller Puckette on PD

-Vibeke Sorensenand Rand Steiger on video-music interaction

-Saburo Hirano on controlling video and sound through the MIBURI dance suit

-Wayne Siegelon the DIEM Digital Dance System

-Leonello Tarabellaon the "Wireless" technologies from CNUCE

-Russel Pinkstonon his "MIDI dance floor"

-Brad Gartonon using rtcmix for interactive work

-Daniel Oppeinheim, Steve Abrams, Fred Collopy, Steve Fuhrer, David Jameson, Don Pazel, Jim Wright on MusicSketcher and other projects of the IBM Computer Music Center

-Insook Choi on "Composition and the Aesthetic Dimension of Engineering"

-Perry Cookon "building your own Interactive Systems"

Open house (for one on one meetings and more detailed demos) 3pm-5pm

Concert II
Miller Theatre

A concert of multimedia interactive works:
Lemma 2
by Miller Puckette, Vibeke Sorensen, Rand Steiger
Performed by Steven Schick, Anthony Davis, Vanessa Tomlinson, Scott Walton, and Mark Danks

For real-time video, 4 performers and real time sound processing. Concurrent networked performance at the new Intel Conference Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Ping-Bang II
by Saburo Hirano, Hanachi Otani, Shinsuke Ina

Work for video, sound, dancer, and the YAMAHA MIBURI suit

I am Dying
by Brad Garton
Performed by Terry Pender
For mandolin and rtcmix.
Coney Island
by the Machine Child Ensemble (Robin Bargar, Insook Choi, Alex Betts, Juhan Sonin).

Virual Environment Performance

Concert III
04.09.98 - 10pm
The Kitchen

A late evening focusing on interactive technologies in jazz-rock and improvisatory works with:

twisted tutu (Eve Beglarian-Kathy Supove)
Joshua Friedand The Musical Shoes
Freight Elevator Quartet and Mark McNamara
Interface(Curtis Bahnand Dan Trueman)
enter,activityby Terry Pender
"What Is It Like To Be a Bat"(Kitty Brazelton, Dafna Naphtali, and Danny Tunick) performing the work She said-She said, Can You Sing Sermonette with Me