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This concert will use state of the art multimedia technology to enhance the presentation of some of the most influential works of electronic music of the last half of the 20th Century. Each work presented is indicative of one of the main schools of electronic composition of the last half of the 20th century.

Most of the works on this concert are multi-channel works. Multi-channel works aim at immersing the audience in the sound world they create. One of the techniques used for this effect is placing the audience in the middle and surrounding it with speakers. The Low Library rotunda is a circular presentation space, with a very high ceiling, and with the audience seating in the middle. This kind of setting will enhance the surround feeling of the works.

The structure of each work, its compositional techniques and tools, the history of each work and the relationship of each work to the development of electronic music will be presented through the following multimedia activities:

• Electronic, web based, program notes, which you are currently reading. Click on the buttons at left to read about the pieces and composers being presented.

Audio and visual examples are included. These pages will be expanded with further multimedia content as the concert approaches.

• Audiovisual introductions for every piece. These introductions will be projected on a large screen in front of the audience. Their function will be to introduce the composer and the work and to give the audience a basic understanding of the technique used for the creation of the piece. The compositional and sound synthesis technique used will be demonstrated and each demonstration will be accompanied by its corresponding sound.

• Real-time visual mapping/analysis of the structure of some of the compositions during their performance. A number of different visual mapping techniques (music score following, computer data following, real time sonograms, aural scores, spatialization scores) will be used to provide appropriate visual representation of the structure of some of the pieces while they are being performed. This will offer the audience a further analysis possibility for the work.

Low Library Rotunda
July 14th, 9-11 p.m.
Contact Lincoln Center for tickets
Curator: Thanasis Rikakis
Producer Dan Trueman