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Multimedia, interactive installations showing present and future possibilities for the development of electronic music. Cutting-edge applications of computer music will be shown allowing the audience to experience for themselves the current developments and future possibilities of the trends and techniques established by the pieces/composers featured in the concert. All installations will require audience input for their operation. Speech, gestures and pictures entered by the audience will be used to drive fascinating computer processes (like the game of life) in the creation of image and sound environments. These installations have been created by current graduate students and staff at the Columbia University Computer Music Center; the creators will be there to assist the audience with the use of the installations.

BeatyBeatyBeaty -- Douglas Irving Repetto

Concrete Soundspace -- Christopher Bailey and Brad Garton

Interactions -- David Birchfield

Soundspace Navigator -- R. Luke DuBois and Mark McNamara

The Locust Tree in Flower -- Jason Freeman

Tinkering with Speech --Timothy Polashek

the Bowed-Sensor-Speaker-Array -- Dan Trueman


Low Library Faculty Room
July 14th, 7-9 p.m. (free from 7-8)
producer: Douglas Repetto