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Around the walls of Columbia University's Low Library rotunda, the Columbia Computer Music Center (CMC) presents a series of cases displaying historical and current CMC activity. The goal of these displays is to illustrate many examples of music, pedagogy, technology, and research done at the CMC from its beginning to the present, and to explain how these efforts have transformed the world of music and education in general.

The historical displays depict early experiments with tape recorders, compositional research utilizing the RCA Mark II Synthesizer, and the exploration of performance techniques using early electronic media. The Electronic Music Center, renamed "Computer Music Center" in 1995, has always been a vibrant and creative hub for compositional activity for musicians at Columbia, as well as others from New York City and around the world.

Today, the Computer Music Center has expanded its focus to include the invention and exploration of new paradigms and possibilities for computer music. The remainder of the displays depict current activities, including the creation of new approaches to interactive performance, distance learning, data auralisation, and sonic applications in medical research. As always, the primary aim of the Center is to provide a solid foundation in contemporary music and technology. By design, the CMC is a place for composers, artists, and researchers to freely exchange ideas and work together on the creation and invention of new media and content.
Low Library Rotunda
July 1st - September 15th
M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.