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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997




For travel within europe we storngly suggest that you fax the travel agent mentioned in our booklet

tel. +30-31-260339, 262202, 278204
fax. +30-31-278205

and ask them to quote you a price (remember to mention that you are attending the ICMC).

For travel between US and Thessaloniki we suggest you compare prices offered by:



Few hints on how to save money on transatlantic travel to Thessaloniki (on travel from US to Greece):

You should plan to remain in Greece for at least seven days if you can as this will take 20% off your ticket price (a stay of less than 7 days will add 20% to the price of your ticket).

If you fly Olympic then your ticket to Thessaloniki is included in the price (a return air ticket from Athens to Thessaloniki is about $150).

Return seats on flights on October 1st and 2nd are limited as these are dates when tourist groups return from Greece to the US.

TWA has stopped flying to Greece this April which means that Olympic is the only airline flying directly to Greece from NY, which means that Olympic does not have much competition, which means that prices have gone up (DARN!)

Remember that if you leave the US on the 24th you will arrive in Thessaloniki on the 25th and the conference will have started. Thus we suggest you leave the US on the 23rd at the latest.

We have asked Pharos to put aside few extra seats for the ICMC on the Olympic flights on the 23rd and 24th (to Greece) and on Octobert 1st and 2nd to NY. The price for these seats is $720 (tax included, the flight to Thessaloniki also included). Olympic flies only to NY but then you can connect to other flights. They only have few seats left on those flights though. Remember to mention that you are attending the ICMC when you call Pharos.

Looking forward to seeing you in Greece