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September 25th-30th 1997



The City of Thessaloniki

A nice view of Thessaloniki !
Another view featuring the White Tower !

Thessaloniki was founded around two and a half thousands years ago to fulfill the need for a metropolis in ancient Macedonia. Built amphitheatrically around the coast and hills of the Thermaic Gulf, it is one of Europe's most ancient cities, with a population today of over a million.

A meeting point of sea routes and road networks, Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and has always been a populous port, facilitating contact between the people of the Balkans and the economy and civilizations of the Mediterranean as a whole.

Its countless monuments and archaeological sites make Thessaloniki an ideal mirror of the historic developments in Northern Greece. One never tires of discovering Ancient Greek cites, Roman ruins, Byzantine churches and monuments of many other cultures -count them if you can!- at every turn of the city. The Byzantine walls and the Roman market are actually integrated in the modern design of Thessaloniki.

The cultural heritage of Thessaloniki is being reflected in its museums, art galleries and libraries, studied at its intellectual establishments and cultivated through a remarkable cultural activity. The character of a modern Mediterranean metropolis is outlined through the numerous international exhibits, film festivals, music festivals (rock, jazz, classical) throughout the entire year. The night life ends at the beginning of the next evening.