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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997





You need your ICMC97 registration card to get into any of the ICMC97 spaces (including concert halls). The registration card entitles you to entrance at all ICMC97 concerts and to priority seating at the orchestra level of the theater. Please plan to arrive at all concerts at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert or your seat may be given away (REMEMBER: concerts are open to the public!). REPEAT: You must arrive at all concerts at least 15 minutes before the start of the concert or your seat may be given away (REMEMBER: concerts are open to the public!). (We really mean the above, thank you for your attention). Some concerts are already at near-full capacity.

Performers of ICMC97, and support stuff of centers renting booths at ICMC97, are entitled to one free ticket each for each ICMC97 concert. Performers or composers are entitled to one extra free ticket each for the concert they are participating in. Please ask for tickets at the ICMC97 booth at the exhibition hall. (No free tickets are available for the midnight concerts at MYLOS through the ICMC97 office. Non-registered participants have to buy their tickets for the MYLOS concert from MYLOS).


Upon arrival please register your equipment at ICMC registration (2nd floor). You will need a registration form to remove any equipment from any of the ICMC spaces. Non registered equipment will be stopped at the door.

The Lockroom will be right next to the registration room (2nd floor). You will be given tickets for any equipment you store at the Lockroom. Please do not loose those tickets. You will need them to get your equipment back.

As stated in the ICMC guidlines, ICMC participants have to make their own insurance arrangements for the equipment they bring. ICMC97 insurance covers ONLY ICMC97 equipment. ICMC97 insurance DOES NOT cover participants' equipment. PLEASE NOTE: Checking your equipment at the lock room and registering your equipment is a totally different procedure. For registering your equipment you DO NOT have to bring the equipment to ICMC97 registration. Simply bring a list of the equipment you have brought with you to ICMC97 and we will provide you with a letter that will include that list (for those of you who requested customs letters the list is already on our computers; you do not need to bring a new list unless something has changed). You have to have this letter with you in order to get your equipment out of any of the ICMC97 halls. For checking your equipment into the lockroom you obviously have to bring your equipment to the lockroom.


ÉCMC97 has rented a van that will be transfering ensemble players, performers with heavy instruments and composers with heavy equipment to the concert halls. A schedule of the van already exists on the web and a miniature version is attached to this guide. The schedule includes the kinds of transfers mentioned above and one OPEN EQUIPMENT TRANSFER daily from Vergina Hotel and Metropolitan Hotel to HELEXPO and back. This equipment transfer is open to all ICMC97 participants who want to bring equipment to the lockroom from their hotels or take equipment from the lockroom back to their hotels. Please check the schedule and see if a transfer of equipment or performers for you is already included. If it is included it is your responsibility to meet the van on time. If you need an equipment or performers transfer and it is not included then see if you can use one of the ones already on the schedule. If not, talk to the registration desk people to see if something can be arranged. Please note that equipment transfer for composers are scheduled from the lockroom at HELEXPO and therefore you might have to use one of the open equipment transfers to get your equipment from your hotel to HELEXPO. There will be no transfers to the Olympion Theatre (afternoon concerts) on the 26th and 28th, due to the U2 concert and the visit of the Patriarch to downtown Thessaloniki.

Of course, another alternative for transporting yourself and your equipment is to take a Taxi.


Tuesday September 30th , Palataki (small palace), 9:15pm
The banquet will be held at the small palace (palataki) right outside Thessaloniki.
Palataki was built for the ex-king of Greece but he never lived in it. However, it is a
great setting and has a great view of Thessaloniki. Buses for palataki will depart at
8:20 from Ceremonies Hall, 8:40 from Vergina Hotel and 8:50 from Metropolitan.
The banquet will start at 9:15. If you would rather take a cab to the banquet, ask them
to take you to palataki at Nea Krini (it should cost about 800 drachmas from the center
of the city). There will be an extended menu including vegeterian dishes. Tables will
be set in the gardens if the weather is good or at the dining room of palataki if it is
raining. Please choose your own seating when you get there. Food, wine and beer are
unlimited. Hard drinks you pay for at the bar.

The entertainment will be provided by ICMC97 staff members and will include: Perry
and Liz Cook singing some of their own famous tunes, Brad Garton and Terry Pender
in piano and mandolin duets, Katerina Tzedaki leading the IPSA brothers in an
improvisation, Sakis Laios and Dimitra Koniari in a piano and voice duet, and Dimitris
Daskopoulos, Mihalis Kaloumenos and Thanassis Rikakis playing tunes of Hatzidakis.
The ICMC97 staff asks you to join them in sharing hidden musical talents!


Arrival at the airport
The Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki is a relatively small airport. You have to
go through passport control and customs (takes about 15 minutes). If you need a
luggage trolley you have to pay 300 drs for it.

Notes on Customs Letters:
We repeat that it is important for you to bring your customs letter with you announcing the equipment that you wish to bring into the country. However, if after seeing your letter, customs officials do not want to write your equipment on your passport, it is fine. If they do not write it on your passport, then obviously you are not required to get them to remove it upon exit from Greece. If they do opt to write the equipment on your passport, you must have them cross it off as you leave Greece.

Transportation to the city from the airport
At the exit there are two ways to go to the city.
a) Taxis are usually queuing in front of the exit. Taxis take up to 3 passengers at the
same time. They have meters and charge you some 300 drs more for luggage and
airport taxes. Taxis are generally very cheap. It will cots you approximately 2,000 drs
from the airport to your hotel and it is a 20 minute drive.
b) Bus nr. 78 leaves the airport every 25 min. You can ask the driver to let you out at
your hotels (Metropolitan or Vergina) which are both on its itinerary.

How to get from your hotels to the conference venue (Pavilion8, HELEXPO):
For residents of hotel Metropolitan: buses nr. 3, 5, 6, 72, 69,. You get off at bus stop
“Hanth” (Y.M.C.A.), right next to gate 2 of HELEXPO (International Trade Fair) -see
map-. You get into the grounds of HELEXPO through gate2 . Buses 3,5,6,72,69
have a conductor that sells tickets. Bus 33 has only a vending machine and you need
change to buy tickets. Tickets cost 80 drachmas. You can also go walking. It is
approx. a 20 min. walk to HELEXPO and it can be a pleasant stroll by the seaside.

For residents of hotel Vergina: buses nr. 19, 14, 10, 17. You get off at bus stop
“Ekthesis” (Trade Fair) next to gates 3 and 1 of HELEXPO -see map-. You enter
HELEXPO through gate 1. Buses 10,14,19 have a conductor that sells tickets. Bus
17 has only a vending machine and you need change to buy tickets. Tickets cost 80
drachmas. You can also go walking. It is approx. a 20 min. walk to HELEXPO.

Again taxis are an alternative as they are abundant, relatively cheap and take more than
one passenger.

An important feature in Greece that must be mentioned is the kiosks. You will find
them everywhere in the city and they sell nearly everything form cold drinks, ice cream,
cigarettes, tooth paste, aspirins, newspapers and magazines (some have also foreign) to
women tights and preservatives. Most of them have also phones for local and
international calls. Some kiosks are open 24 hours. Most open approx. at 7:00 a.m.
and close at 10:00 p.m.

You can find a phone in nearly every kiosk. Local phone calls cost 20 drs at kiosks.
They also sell phone cards for the public phone booths. Telephone cards cost 1,500
drs for 100 units which is 100 local calls (as you can see, using a phone card is
CHEAPER). From public booths you can also place international calls for which you
dial 00 then country code, town code and the desired number. There are three phone
booths at the second floor of Pavilion 8.

No smoking inside the conference and concert spaces please. However, smoking is
allowed in the exhibition hall and in all restaurants, bars etc.

Food on the conference premises
The Tottis restaurant, cafeteria and snack bar on the first floor of Pavilion 8 will be
open daily from 9-5.

Restaurants, bars and coffee shops
Thessaloniki is famous for its food specialities as is for its seafood and sweets. On the
list bellow you will find, arranged by area, the names of some restaurants bars and
coffee shops. Restaurants stay open late in the evening. Some coffee-shops or bars
have both functions and often they serve snacks too.

Platia Aristotelous (in front of Olympion)
The plaza (platia) just in front of Olympion is full of cafe's and restaurants.
- Hoffman's: It is a beer house with German specialities.
- Tottis: International and Greek cuisine.
In the vicinity there are two restaurants with very good Greek food.
- Votsalo: Proxenou Koromila 17
- Nisia: Proxenou Koromila 13
On the same street there are two nice cafe's
- Ethnic: Proxenou Koromila 1 (for the younger ones)
- Balcan: Proxenou Koromila 3 (a quieter place)
Just 3 paces away on the waterfrond is Nicky's Bistrot with very good food

Platia Navarinou (5 minutes from HELEXPO)
Ten thousand and one stores selling pizzas, cheese pies, souvlaki, crepes, ice cream
and all other kinds of fast food. The best area for a student budget. If you want to
seat down and eat some Greek food there, try Tsipouradiko (Navarinou square 6).

The best gyro and souvlaki in the city!
Pavlou Mela and Palaion Patron Germanou (10 minute walk from HELEXPO)

Soya bean sandwiches (for the vegeterian computer musician)
Agapinou 10 (the second street left on Egnatia street after Sintribani square). (3
minutes from HELEXPO)

Another good Greek Restaurant
Agora, Kapodistriou 5 and Ionos Dragoumi (right above Ermou)

Platia Athonos
- Tsampouro Greek taverna
- Platia Athonos. Greek taverna
- Cafe Bazaar: It is coffe bar and the also serve light meals.

The food market Modiano (near Olympion)
There are a lot of small taverns in this market and they sell typical mezedes (small
plates of greek specialties that can accompany drinking). The best is:
- Petros: an old and very reliable one.

The pedestrian area Kalapothaki (near Olympion)
On this pedestrian street there is also
- A chinese restaurant (a varity in Thessaloniki) at Kalapothaki.
- Limani: Restaurant with Greek mezes food.

Near the White Tower
Near the White Tower: Zythos - Dove, brasserie, bar, restaurant; Greek and
International cuisine with a wonderful view of the monument - Tsirogianni 7 St. In
the same area: Corfu, Greek cuisine with some fresh seefood - Stratigou Kalari 1 St.

In the center of the City
In the centre of the city is Tiffany's, Greek cuisine in pleasant surroundings - Iktinou 3

Ladadica, an old restored area with lots of taverns and coffee bars
- Zythos: Katouni 5, is a beer house with nice salds and light snacks.
- City Diner: Doxis 1, is a bar - restaurant in a nicely renovated old warehouse
decorated with American oldies.

MYLOS is the department store of entertainment. It has a jazz bar, a dance club, a
restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, etc etc etc

There is a large variety of goods Greek or foreign. Leather goods are known for their
good quality. Shoes and bags are also a favourite choice. There are mostly boutiques
and small stores in the centre of the city. The main shopping area is Tsimiski street its
parallel streets Mitropoleos and Proxenou Koromila and the vertical streets to them
leading to the waterfront like Mitropolitou Iosif, Agias Sofias and Karolou Diehl.

For CDs there is Stereodisc and Patsis right next to Olympion. Two large bookstores
"Molho" Tsimiski 10 and "Promitheas" Vironos 4 carry international books maganizes
and newspapers as well as maps and guides.

For electrical needs try the corner of Vasileos Irakliou and Aristotelous (near

220V, AC 50Hz

Tap water
Tap water is safe. But you will find bottled water (from Greek sources) which is very
good everywhere also at the kiosks.

In about one hour’s drive you find the famous beaches of Halkidiki (there are worth
the drive!). In half an hour's drive there is Peraia and Agia Triada by the sea (the sea
there is not that clean). There are also two athletic installations with pools used for
a) Kaftantzoglio (very near the conference venue) Open to the public every day
except Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 300 drs entrance.
b) Poseidonion open to the public from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 300 drs entrance.

The weather in September
It can be hot to mild with occasional showers. But during the end of September it
tends to be unstable. Temperature will vary from 8 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Foreign exchange
The US dollar has gone crazy. Currently it stands around 280 drachmas but only god
knows where it will be in two weeks. It can swing 10 drachmas up or down within
three days. European currency exchange rates are a bit steadier
DEM 158 Drs, FRF 47 Drs, JPY 2,418 Drs, GBP 450 Drs

Banks At Sidrivani place (just outside HELEXPO) there are two banks: The National Bank
of Greece - Egnatia 152 St.
The Bank of Macedonia & Thrace

Banking hours: 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Mon. - Thur. 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Friday

There are also many banks around Olympion

Radio Taxis
525.000, 214.000, 551.525, 866.866, 550.501

Friendly Travel Agencies
Planair - Mrs. Sretaki 260.339
Maas - Mrs. Kallidopoulou 257.390
Pantheon - Mr. Kalogirou 230.604

You have the unique opportunity to visit a rare exhibition: The Treasures of Mt.
Athos at the Museum for Byzantine Culture - Leoforos Stratou 2 (Leoforos Stratou
starts at gate 2 of HELEXPO and goes east). Across from gate 2 you can also find the
Archeological Museum with famous ancient Greek finds. You can also make a one
minute stroll from Olympion to the nearby Thessaloniki Design Museum -
Mitropoleos 43 St.

Archaelogical Museum, opposite HELEXPO and HANTH (YMCA) - 830.538
Ethnological & Popular Art, Vas. Olgas 68 - 830.591
Histrory Centre of Thessaloniki, Karbola 8 - 228.414
Macedonian Centre for Modern Art, 5th Km. Georgikis Scholis, Filkeram Johnson,
near airport - 471.545
Macedonian Struggle Museum, Pr. Koromila 23 - 229.778
Paleontological Museum, In University grounds - 991.458
Technological Museum, Sindos Ave. 2 build 47 - 779.773
The Crypt of St. Demetrius Museum, St. Dimitrios Church - 270.008
Thessaloniki Design Museum, Mitropoleos 43 - 263.043
White Tower Museum, at the White Tower - 267.832

St. Dimitrious Hospital, Zografou 2 - 203.121-5
Ahepa Hospital, St. Kirakidi 1 - 993.111
Ipokratio Hospital, Al. Papanastasiou 50 - 837.920-8
Kentriko Hospital, Ethikis Aminis 41 - 211.221-2
Papanikolaou Hospital, Asvestohori - 957.602

International Banks
ABN-ARNO, Kountouriotou 11 - 548.234
AMERICAN EXPRESS, Tsimiski 19 - 239.797
BANK FRANCO-HELLINIQUE, Tsimiski 19 - 280.231
CHASE MANHATTAN, Aristotelous Square - 236.221
CITIBANK, Tsimiski 21 - 266.021
MIDLAND BANK PLC, Dragoumi 9 - 267.014
NOVA SCOTIA, Tsimiski 17 - 236.131
SOCIETE GENERALE, Kountouriotou 11 - 545.926

Rent a Car
ACE, N. Paraki - 811.800 / 848.687 / 848.688
ANSA, International, Laskaratou 19 - 419.109 / 471.040
AUTORENT, Polytechniou 6 - 520.607
AVIS, L. Nikis 3 - 266.300 (Airport 473.858)
BUDGET, Angelaki 15 - 274.272 / 229.519 (Airport 473.952)
HELLAS CARS, Venizelou 4 - 223.827 / 271.801
HERTZ, Venizelou 4 - 224.906 (Airport 473.952)
INTERENT - EUROPCAR, G. Papandreou 5 - 959.137 (Airport 473.508)

Ambulance 166
Fire 199
Emergency hospital 106
Police 100

Austria, Egnatia 81 - 236.500
Belgium, Dodekanisou 8 - 538.157
Bulgaria, N. Manou 12 - 829.210
Canada, Tsimiski 17 - 256.350
Chile, Kolokotroni 16 - 656.042
Cyprus, L. Nikis 37 - 260.611
Czech Republic, Plutarchou 8 - 267.041
Denmark, Komninon 26 - 284.065
France, Makenzi King 8 - 244.030-1
Germany, Karolou Diehl 4 - 236.315
Holland, Komninon 26 - 227.477
Hungary, Danaidon 4 - 530.988
Italy, Vasilissis Olgas 63 - 830.055
Mexico, Dodekanisou 17 - 536.553
Norway, Makenzi King 12 - 234.110
Peru, Karolou Diehl 18 - 229.377
Portugal, Leoforos Nikis 3 - 228.138
Rumania, Leoforos Nikis 13 - 225.481
South Africa, Thessalonikis 17 - 274.393
Spain, V. Hugo 9 - 515.391
Sweden, Komninon 26 - 236.410
Switzerland, Leoforos Nikis 55 - 234.442
Turkey, Agiou Dimitriou 151 - 248.452
United Kingdom, Venizelou 8 - 278.006
U.S.A., Leoforos Nikis 59 - 242.905
Yugoslavia, Komninon 4 - 244.265