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International Computer Music Conference

September 25th-30th 1997




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Thursday, September 25


Evening Concert I and keynote event of ICMC97, 9:00pm, Ceremonies Hall


Welcoming addresses by the Minister of Culture of Greece, and the Organization for the Cultural Capital of Europe. Welcoming address and introduction of the keynote speaker by the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


“ICMC97 Commission/Keynote Event”, XENAKIS Iannis, GREECE, 8 minutes - (The composer will introduce his work)

“Shouyoh-san 2”, UEHARA Kazuo, JAPAN, 17 minutes (Ryo Noda)

“Hilbert's Caverns”, THEODORE Michael, USA, 9 minutes (David Shively)


“Incipits”, FERNEYHOUGH Brian, UK, 11 minutes (SurPlus)

“Music for Nine and Computer”, BASSET Rick, USA, 17 minutes (SurPlus)



Friday, September 26


Afternoon Concert 1, 6:00pm, OLIMPION


>Works for piano and tape (performed by Aleck Karis)


“Catch the Tiger”, KAPUSCINSKI Jaroslaw, POLAND, 9 minutes (piano, video and tape)

“Reflections”, BABBIT Milton, USA, 10 minutes

“Tombeau de Messiaen”, HARVEY Jonathan, UK, 10 minutes



>Works for flute and tape (performed by Elizabeth McNutt)


“Twittering Machine”, MAY Andrew, USA, 8 minutes

“Jupiter”, MANOURY Phillipe, FRANCE, 28 minutes




Evening Concert II, 9:00pm, Ceremonies Hall


>Works for soloists and computer


“Contre Nature”, RISSET Jean-Claude, FRANCE, 10 minutes (Nicolas Piguet)

“Neuromante”, CECCARELLI Luigi, ITALY, 13 minutes (S. Duke)

“Aca Amaron”, RESINA Eduardo, SPAIN, 11 minutes (E. Resina)


“Carrefour (crossroads)”, KIMURA Mari, JAPAN/USA/FRANCE, 7 minutes (M. Kimura)

“BluesAx, in seven movements”, AUSTIN Larry, USA, 19 minutes (S. Duke)



Saturday, September 27


Afternoon Concert 2, 6:00pm, OLIMPION


>Works for video and works for interactive sound/movement technologies


“Wireless”, TARABELLA Leonello, ITALY, 11 minutes

“Birdship”, NILSSON Per Anders, SWEDEN, 6 minutes

“Galileo's First Glimpse”, HARRIS Craig, USA, 7 minutes

“Concrete Net”, RUDI Joran, NORWAY, 12 minutes


“Rolling Stone”, CHOI Insook, USA, 15 minutes

“These Roads”, FICARRA Evelyn, BOHSE Suse, UK, 8 minutes

“Lizzard Point”, BRUEMMER Ludger, GERMANY, 18 minutes




Evening Concert III, 9:00pm, Ceremonies Hall


“Allegories”, MURAIL Tristan, FRANCE, 17 minutes

“Virtual Encounters: Reflection, Transfiguration”, BOULANGER Richard, USA, 13 minutes


“Paradigms”, FINEBERG Joshua, FRANCE, 11 minutes

“The voice within a Hammer”, BERGER Jonathan, USA, 12 minutes

“Chamber Concerto for Ensemble and electronic sounds”, FURMAN Pablo, ARGENTINA, 12 minutes


Performed by Ensemble FA



First cabaret evening, 12 midnight, MILOS Jazz Bar



Part A,

“Lemma I”: Transcontinental graphics/music jam by G. Lewis, M. Puckette, R. Steiger.


Part B,

“Lamentations for Jerusalem” By D. Oppenheim

“Between the Sheets” by Chris Chaffe and Fred Malouf

Angels and Ladders” by S. Horenstein




Sunday, September 28


Afternoon Concert 3, 6:00pm, OLIMPION


>Works for piano and tape


“Karabontara”, RUSCHKOWSKI Andre, GERMANY, 11 minutes (Petros Bakalakos)

“Somewhere Submarine”, PRIOR David, UK, 16 minutes (Sven Thomas Kiebler)


“Around Midnight”, AINGER Marc, USA, 7 minutes (Lorenta Ramou)

“Something Else Again”, WARREN Alicyn , USA , 14 minutes (Lorenta Ramou)

>A work for prehispanic flutes and tape

“PanForm”, MEDINA VILLENA Joaquin, SPAIN, 9 minutes (J. Medina Villena)




Evening Concert IV, 9:00pm, Ceremonies Hall


“Six Japanese Gardens”, SAARIAHO Kaija, FINLAND, 9 minutes (S. Schick)

“Mathematica”, CAMPION Edmund, USA, 10 minutes (Beata Iwona Glinka)

“Cruelties: A Catalogue Of Grotesque Events With Real-Life Examples”, WILLCOCK Ian, UK, 17 minutes (SurPlus)


“Watershed III”, REYNOLDS Roger, USA, 30 minutes (SurPlus with S. Schick soloist)




Second Cabaret evening, 12 midnight, MILOS Jazz Bar.


Part A,

“House of Mirrors” by Fernando Lopez-Lezcano

“Pigra giornata” by Roberto Doati

“Improvisations” by Curtis Bahn, Daniel Trueman


Part B,

“Greased Lightning” by Don Buchla

“Elemental Vamp” by Allen Strange

“Gandy Bridge XI” by Cort Lippe, Zack Settel


Monday, September 29


Afternoon Concert 4, 6:00pm, OLIMPION


“Kagami for Zephyros and Computer”, NAKAMURA Shigenobu, JAPAN, 14 minutes (Kiyonori Sokabe)

“MYR-S”, VAGGIONE Horacio, FRANCE, 8 minutes (Beverley Ellis)

“Mist of Rainbow”, IWATAKE Toru, JAPAN, 12 minutes (Tamami Tono)


“Cregg's Pipes”, PENDER Terence , USA, 10 minutes (T. Pender)

“The Lugubrius game”, HUMMEL Thomas, GERMANY, 11 minutes (Clemens Merkel)

“Shells”, ROWE Robert, USA, 8 minutes (Erich Wagner)



Evening Concert V, 9:00pm, Ceremonies Hall


>Compositions/Choreographies for interactive movement/sound systems.


“Memory of Absence”, PINKSTON Russell, USA, 12 minutes (Jose Bustamante)

“Movement Study I”, SIEGEL Wayne, DENMARK, 12 minutes (Pernille Fynne)


“Ping-Bang”, Hirano Saburo, Ina Shinsuke, JAPAN, 10 minutes (Hanachi Otani)

“Vacum”, KAMAROTOS Dimitris, GREECE, 9 minutes (Sofia Karakantza)

“cRoSs LiNes”, TZEDAKI Katerina, MINTZA Eirini, DASKOPOULOS Dimitris, GREECE, 9 minutes



Tuesday, September 30


Afternoon Concert 5, 6:00pm, CEREMONIES HALL (note venue)


“Sprung”, OTTO Peter, USA, 10 minutes (Peter Otto)

“Automatic Descriptions”, TRAYLE Mark, USA, 10 minutes

“En Pyri”, VASILEIADIS Stefanos, GREECE, 11 minutes (Eugenios Politis)


“Iroha”, IKRAMOVA Anna, GERMANY, 18 minutes (Anna Ikramova and Stephanie Bloemer)

“Tangram”, NORMANDEAU Robert, CANADA, 20 minutes (tape piece)