twisted tutu

with Eve Beglarian and Kathy Supove

Eve Beglarian and Kathy Supove

The performance duo Twisted Tutu closed the evening, with Eve Beglarian and Kathleen Supove presenting a set of songs that drew heavily on the music theater tradition. Beglarian's wide-ranging vocals were matched throughout the set by Supove's skillful keyboard accompaniment.

In addition to the format of vocals and piano accompaniment, the duo were able to inject the atmosphere of each song with the possibilities made available through the use of keyboards, sequencers and signal processors, allowing them to move easily back and forth from the stylistic worlds of jazz, lounge, synth pop and electronic rock. Their set of songs, one of which was a contribution by another of the evening's performers, Kitty Brazelton, were tightly composed, with a blend of wit and self-conscious sentimentality that gave their performance a sense of lightness and familiarity combined with a stylish take on each of the genres the duo were evoking.

Report written by Jonathan Lee

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twisted tutu

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