with Curtis Bahn and Dan Trueman

Dan Trueman and Curtis Bahn

The electro-acoustic duo Interface featured the live contributions of performers in conjunction with real-time signal processing and sample triggering via Max/MSP along with a live video projection, but in a free-flowing, extremely improvisatory context that focused on the dialogue between Curtis Bahn's string-bass and Dan Trueman's electric violin.

The digital audio set up made extensive use of various sensors on the instruments that interpreted changes in the instrument's physical orientation as control data for triggering and signal processing. The improvisation took an organic shape, beginning with a sparse musical texture whose droplets and rumbles behaved as a counterpoint the Nick Fortunato's processed video images of a shifting environment of clouds. Both Bahn and Trueman made extensive use of extended techniques, often drawing highly unusual natural sounds from their instruments, which were then mutated into sonic gestures even more further removed from the traditional sounds of stringed instruments. The musical texture thickened out into extended, active sections that used the electronics to accentuate the wildness of the exertions from the performers, all the while juxtaposed by the ominous processed stock-footage imagery of the video. Ultimately, the pent-up energy generated by instrumentalists' sonic expressionism gradually dissapated to reach a passage of consonance and harmonicity to resolve the experience at the end.

Report written by Jonathan Lee

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