What is it Like to be a Bat

Kitty Brazelton, Dafna Naphtali, and Danny Tunick

Bat performs

Closing the first half of the evening, the group What Is It Like To Be A Bat?, consisting of a trio of performers, showcased their work "She said-She said, Can You Sing Sermonette with Me." Composers and performers Kitty Brazelton, Dafna Naphtali and percussionist Danny Tunick, using an expanded rock instrumentation of electric guitar and bass, keyboards, computer triggered and manipulated samples and drum kit, moved between different episodes of different styles, relying on the succession of sharp contrasts as the main organizational device for the large-scale piece. High voltage punk style interruptions would be followed by sections of gentle a cappella style vocal combinations: a contrast made more jarring by the starkness of the joints. Although highly structured and organized, the work allowed the performers to draw from their own musical backgrounds and interests, making the eclectic stylistic changes seem natural and comfortable, a way of demonstrating the principle of "unity in diversity" that is emblemmatic of the information society of today's technological age.

Report written by Jonathan Lee

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What is it like to be a Bat

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