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Whats New?

For those of you familiar with MiXViews, this first section will contain information about the latest version, and any other related news.

Update on Yours Truly:
I continue to support MiXViews, and it remains property of U.C.S.B. and continues to be freely distributed. The easiest way to reach me is to send mail to doug@music.columbia.edu.

A new binary available for Apple Intel machines running OSX10.6 and later is HERE.
The latest binary for MiXViews is now available for X86 Linux machines HERE.

April 26, 2012:

I have not disappeared, nor have I stopped supporting MiXViews (at least in terms of porting). Source for MiXViews 1.37 is now available, and will compile and run on all recent OSX releases. The OSX version has been updated to 1.37 and compiled under OSX 10.6. Let me know if any of you still need links to the old G4 version.

November 19, 2008:

OOOPS! It was pointed out to me that there was a typo in my "mailto:" URL on this page. I have fixed that. Thanks, Matt!

August 30, 2007:


April 08, 2007:

X86LINUX binary for MiXViews 1.35 is now available.

April 21, 2004:

Fixed the links to the newest versions of the binaries and put them above.

September 10, 2003:

Source and X86LINUX binary for MiXViews 1.30 are now available. OS X binary to follow.

June 12, 2003:

Source for MiXViews 1.29 is now available.

A new binary for v1.29 is now available for X86 Linux machines as well.

Feb 3, 2003:

Source for MiXViews 1.28 is now available.

I have renamed the Linux binary distribution files to reflect the fact
that there will soon be versions for both X86 Linux and Mac Linux.

Feb 21, 2001:

Source and binaries for MiXViews 1.24 now available.
A tar.gz distribution of precompiled and "installed" InterViews headers, config files, and library is now available
for Linux.  This will allow those who wish to compile MiXViews from source to do so without having to compile
the InterViews source (which is difficult).  Also I have updated the manual, and many of the other web pages
related to MiXViews.

May 23, 2000:

Source for MiXViews 1.23 Patchlevel 03 is now available.

July 13, 1999:

MiXViews version 1.22 is now available for Sun, Linux, and SGI.

May 18, 1999:

There is now an HTML manual for MiXViews available here

Sept 1, 1998:

MiXViews version 1.20 is now available for NeXT, Sun, Linux, and SGI.

January 29, 1997:

MiXViews version 1.10 is now available as binaries for NeXT, Sun, Linux, and SGI.

June 24, 1996:

MiXViews source code version 1.10 is now available, at long last. Binaries for NeXT, Sun, Linux, and SGI should be available in the near future.

October 23, 1995:

I updated the ftp links in this document to point at the most recent versions of all the precompiled binaries.

October 1, 1995:

MiXViews source code version 1.07 now has patch 03, which fixes a couple of bugs in the SGI AIFF-C code and fixed a bug in the default directory code. Precompiled binaries will be available in the near future.


What is MiXViews?
MiXViews (or mxv for short) is the newest generation in the line of software I have written which began with "mixview", which has been available for many years on various archives. It is a graphics-interface program which runs under the X window system, and it is designed to allow users to edit and process digital sound and other forms of on-disk data for musical or other purposes.

What's the difference between mixview and MiXViews?
Mxv is light years beyond the old "mixview" in its capabilities. For example, six different kinds of on-disk data can be created, edited, and stored -- all of which are used and/or useful for sound synthesis. Any number of files may be displayed simultaneously on the screen, and you can cut and paste between them in many different ways. Many more different types of sound and data modification are possible in mxv.

Do I have to pay for MiXViews?
No! MiXViews is freely distributable. My only requirements for those who use it are:

What is the latest version of MiXViews?
The release number is 1.37. Sub-releases (usually bug fixes) start at PL 01 and go up incrementally. The current sub-release is 00.

Will I have to compile MiXViews myself to use it?
The following four files contain already-compiled binaries for the platforms indicated. Note that these are not all at the current version number.

And if I work on some other platform?
Everything that is needed to compile MiXViews is public domain and available on various archives around the world. If you have or can get a good, modern C++ compiler for your platform, you can probably compile and run MiXViews on your machine. For more information on what is involved, read this.

Will MiXViews run 1) under MacOS9? 2) under Windows/DOS?
No, sorry -- MiXViews is currently a UNIX-only program, and will not run on other operating systems. The port to Mac OSX is complete and available now. I soon hope to have a port to Mac Linux as well.  

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