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MUSIC-DSP is a mailing list hosted by the Columbia University Computer Music Center (CMC). the focus of the list is the sharing of music/sound related dsp (digital signal processing) strategies, techniques, code, etc. it may be of interest to anyone working with sound and computers, especially those involved in developing their own software or building custom hardware. possible topics could include: writing sound synthesis software, writing assembly language dsp code for the motorola 56k chipset, hacking the ROMs in your favorite synth, building stand-alone dsp boxes, etc.

there is a tremendous amount of dsp work going on in arts communities around the world, and this list is an attempt to provide some sort of centralized information exchange between those communities.

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for more info, please email: douglas@music.columbia.edu

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you might also be interested in getting involved with the Portable Real-Time Audio I/O Library (PortAudio) project being cooridinated by Ross Bencina, Phil Burk, and developed by members of the music-dsp list.