an unruly mass of dsp links
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Analog Devices
Analog Devices EZ-Kit listing
Analog Devices Seminars
ADSP-2181 Design Tips
ADSP-2181 Experiments (SUPER-SOURCECODE)
ADSP2181 download + DSP algos
Analog Devices DSP Directory
Analog Devices DSP-Doku
Hawk-81 PC-ISA-Card with ADSP2181 (inly Infotext)
Index of /~mager/tsb/ADSP_application_hb2/
Introduction to Signal Processing (SUPER: C, Mathlab, ADSP2181)
TM2181 PC.ISA-DSP-Card-Info (only Infotext)

Audio Formats
Automatic Audio Morphing
comp dsp 95-04
The Csound Front Page
First Workshop on Digital Audio Effects (DAFX98)
The DSP Dimension
DSP Related
Digital Filter Design at Rice University
DSP / FFT / Filterkoeff+Code !!! SUPER
DSP Hotlists
DSP Internet Resource List
DSP Internet Resource List
DSP Internet Resources
DSP Tools and Embedded Systems Resources
A DSP Primer, by Ken Steiglitz
HPWidmer Homepage (Win FFT Software)
Internet Digital Signal Processing Tools and Embedded Systems Resources
Interactive Filter Design
J-DSP An online simulation software
Java-based filter design apps by Jeffrey D. Taft
Jörgs ugly FXT page (FFT-Code in C)
DSP & Filter Services by Lindquist Systems Group
Mac computer music software
Mac calculus stuff
Magnus Eriksson, Mid Sweden University, Dept of IT, Sundsvall
MATCOM (Mathlab -> C++)

The MathWizards links to related sites
The Wavelet Digest

Momentum Home Page (Filtercalc-Demo)

Motorola DSP boards
the Music-DSP mailing list home page
the MusicKit/SndKit project
The Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona
Numerix Home Page
Orfanidis: Introduction to Signal Processing
Physical Modeling and Digital Signal Processing
Pink noise info from Robin Whittle
Poynton's DSP
Radio oriented DSP organization
Short Course in DSP and Speech / Audio Coding
Signal Processing
Sound, synthesis and audio reproduction
Steward & Sons Publishing, distributor and seller of DSP & filter books since 1977
Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory
Texas Instruments
The Time-Frequency Toolbox
Thomas Sailer's Links
Time/Pitch Scaling FAQ byStephan M. Sprenger
Tim Stilson,Various Papers (MOOG VCF)
TSP Lab - Software
Vins DSP Page
Wavelets / Salzburg

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