Sculpture II, Spring 2010

05 March 2010

Repurposing & reuse; Taking things apart


* Repurposing & resuse

Humans have likely been quoting, borrowing, reworking, plagarising, as long as we've had cultural. But int the 20th century, reuse became a mania...

There are examples of reuse in all artforms. We're going to focus on sound/music and visual art today.

Most of the modern conversation about reuse in music has centered on questions about $$$, copyright, IP, etc. I think that's unfortunate. While those are important questions, they're not generally issues that drive creativity.

Some non-comprehensive sound/music reuse/sampling people/trends/landmarks: Visual art examples...


* Artist presentations: Ji & Isla

* Taking things apart -- what's reusable in electro-mechanical debris?

Assignment: Repurpose something. You will present your repurposings in class next week.