Sculpture II, Spring 2010

22 January 2010

Art and the spectacle, early photography and film; Intro to shops


* Art and the spectacle, early photography and film

* Christine prepared a list of references and suggested readings from our first class:

    Alienation/mass culture


        Michel Foucault: Discipline and Punish, 1975

        Gilles Deleuze: Society of control, essay in l' autre Journal, 1991

        Guy Debord: The society of spectacle, Zone Books

        Edgar  Allan Poe: The man of the crowd, Burton 's Gentlemen Magazine,1840

        Charles Beaudelaire: Flowers of Evil, published by Wesleyan university press

        Walter Benjamin:The Arcades Project, edited by Rolf Tiedemann 


        The electric House, Buster keaton (1922), Metropolis, Fritz Lang (1926), Modern Time, Charlie Chaplin (1936)

    Camera Obscura


        Theories of vision from Al kindi to Kepler , David C lindberg (Chicago university of Chicago press, 1976)

        Aristotle  De Anima, Oxford University Press Inc, New York, reprinted 2002

        In basic the works of Aristotle, Richard McKeon (New york, random house, 1966)

        John Baptista (1545-1615) , Natural magik (1658) (new york: basic books, 1957)

    Lantern Magica

        Etienne-Gaspard Robertson, Born in LiŹge, Belgium (1763 /1837). EarlyPhantasmagoria showman 


        Tom Cunning “Illusion Past and future:The phantasmagoria and its specters”

* Artist presentation dates assigned

* Intro to shops, hand tools, protocol, safety, etc.

Wood shop (3rd floor) hours:
Metal shop (5th floor) hours:
Electronics shop (room 324) is 24 hour access

Assignment: Do something, anything, in the shops. You will show us what you did next week.