Sculpture II, Spring 2010

05 February 2010

Early multi-media and historical machines; Artist presentations


* Historical survey. Early machines, automata, etc, up to Tinguely.

historical automata
musical automata
The Turk (fraud!)
Jacques de Vaucanson's Canard Digˇrateur or Digesting Duck (partial fraud!)
Henri Maillardet's writing/drawing automaton
Etienne Jules Marey's scientific and medical instruments
Bernie Lubell's Marey-inspired wooden machines

The Draughtsman: one | two | three | four
The Musician: one | two | three
Stampfer, Stroboscope disc, No. 3
a contemporary Stampfer disc
Vaucanson, Duck


* Show your switches

* Artist presentations: Apolinario & Brie