Computer Music Class Syllabus (G6611/spring-2003)

NOTE: We will be placing class announcements, etc. in this space -- so check here often! We will also be adding quite a lot to this syllabus as the term progresses (code examples, on-line soundfiles, assignments, etc.).

G6611 on-line resources

Week 1   Introduction


Week 2   Basic Instrument Design

Week 3   Advanced Instrument Design

Week 4   Basic Interface Design

Week 5   Advanced Interface Design


Week 6   Language Introduction/Overview

Week 7   Basic Instrument Design

Week 8   Instrument/Interface Integration

Week 9   Advanced JSyn


Week 10   Language Introduction/Overview

Week 11   Basic Instrument Design

Week 12   Advanced Instrument Design

Week 13   Advanced SuperCollider

Week 14   Cross-language Interaction