Computer Music Class Syllabus (G6611/spring-2000)

NOTE: We will be placing class announcements, etc. in this space -- so check here often! We will also be adding quite a lot to this syllabus as the term progresses (code examples, on-line soundfiles, assignments, etc.).

Although some of the weeks are spilling over into other weeks (and previous weeks), we will still be organizing the web pages here by topic. In other words, the concept of a "week" should be considered a bit diffuse...

G6611 on-line resources

Week 1   Introduction


Week 2   Rountable Discussion: Interactive Performance

Week 3   Data Acquisition

[meet at Prentis]
basic stamps; BigEye; tablets; MIDI controllers

Week 4   Direct Interpretation

mapping parameters (chaos); directing the flock

Week 5   Indirect Interpretation

agent mediation; interface translation (chris' L-systems)


Week 6   Web Stuff

sockets; java; cgi

Week 7   Aesthetics/Multimedia

Week 8   Advanced Physical Modelling


Week 9   Real-time in Non-real-time

gestures revisited

Week 10   Performance

Week 11   Loose Ends

Week 12   Projects

Week 13   Projects

Week 14   Last Class!