Computer Music

Columbia University
Fall, 2007 -- G6610X
Nick Didkovsky/Victor Adan

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Java Music Systems: JMSL and JSyn

This course explores making real-time experimental music using tWo JAva music technologies: JMSL and JSyn. The use of Java enables the composer to Deliver create interactive music, software instruments, sound environments, and compositions in Web Browsers, or as stand-alone applications.

Students will be programming in Java and should be prepared to spend time outside of class developing their software. Fundamentals of synthesis and some programming background helpful but not required.

Interested students can preview JSyn and JMSL on the web at:


Class meets on Tuesdays n 313 Prentis from 5:30 to about 8 or so. NOTE: class start time may shift slightly

Syllabus and lecture notes

Download syllabus in PDF format here. Lecture notes are posted here weekly.


Nearly all of the CMC studios and hardware resources are available for you to use in this class. If you prefer to work on your own computer using applications you find comfortable, that's perfectly fine. Otherwise you may sign up studios and machines for doing your work at the CMC using our on-line signup system (this link is also located on the resources page). If you are having trouble getting access to the hardware or software you need to work, please let us know! The CMC is intentionally in a state of perpetual flux, reflecting the rapid evolution of the field of computer music. Our primary guide for the kinds of hardware and software investments we need to make comes from you (again), our happy students!

At this point, we assume that you sort-of know your way around our studios and hardware. Please let us know if you are having problems gaining access to our facilities or getting equipment to work for you. Victor and and the happy CMC crew of grad students and staf are all happy to help you gain access to whatever you need for the course.