Basic Electroacoustics II: Programming and Electronics for Art & Music

Music G6602
Tuesday 3-5pm, Room 313 Prentis Hall
Spring 2010
Professor: Douglas Repetto [douglas at music columbia edu]
TA: Damon Holzborn [damon at zucasa dot com]
Our Motto: "Why and how."
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23 March 2010

Final project presentations; Code workshop

Final project presentation: bring sketches, software prototypes, schematic diagrams, etc., and tell us about your idea for an ambitious, inspired final project. Final projects will be presented on the last day of class, 27 April 2010. That's in FIVE WEEKS.

Code workshop: we'll look at the code you wrote for this week's homework and tackle any questions you have.


For next week's hacking/reuse class, please bring in a found/unwanted electronic something or other. Battery-operated things that have moving parts are best. Could be a tape recorder, toy robot, kitchen gadget, crappy old printer, etc. Also bring any small hand tools you have around, like snips, pliers, etc.