Basic Electroacoustics II: Programming and Electronics for Art & Music

Music G6602
Tuesday 3-5pm, Room 313 Prentis Hall
Spring 2010
Professor: Douglas Repetto [douglas at music columbia edu]
TA: Damon Holzborn [damon at zucasa dot com]
Our Motto: "Why and how."
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09 March 2010

Programming: the idea of objects

Today we'll do some livecoding to learn about the use of objects and vectors.

We did it! Here's the code we wrote:


To use the code, make a new folder called "the_idea_of_objects" and save each of the source files ("the_idea_of_objects.pde", "Chord.pde", "Note.pde") in that folder. Then open "the_idea_of_objects.pde" in Processing and it should find all of the files.