Basic Electroacoustics II: Programming and Electronics for Art & Music

Music G6602
Tuesday 3-5pm, Room 313 Prentis Hall
Spring 2010
Professor: Douglas Repetto [douglas at music columbia edu]
TA: Damon Holzborn [damon at zucasa dot com]
Our Motto: "Why and how."
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09 Feb 2010

Programming: making lines, making bleeps

This week we'll really start to dig into programming. We're going to use an extreme "learn by doing" method -- constantly writing code and dealing with ideas and issues as they come up, rather than trying to learn first and apply later. This is how you've probably learned to do most things that are important to you -- walking, drawing, playing music, playing games and sports, telling stories, and so on. Some artists become very sophisticated programmers and others don't. But many artists who end up doing interesting things with code have been primarily self-taught, and have learned by doing -- making pieces and solving problems that interest them. We'll do the same.