Spring 2001
Instructor: Johnathan F. Lee (jlee@music.columbia.edu)

Available for Columbia University graduate music students beginning in mid-February, the Computer Music Center is offering an eight-week experimental on-line course module. Used for computer-assisted composition, OpenMusic is developed at IRCAM. Students will be expected to complete weekly assignments towards a final project using OpenMusic. After an introductory meeting, each student will be able to explore all the reference materials on-line, with assistance offered electronically and at scheduled times. Prior knowledge of other IRCAM software (Patchwork, Audiosculpt, Modalys, Diphone), MIDI, general computer music principles, and general computer proficiency is preferred.

Please contact Johnathan Lee at jfl11@columbia.edu for more information.

Note that only participating students will be given a password to enter the Handbook materials.

Suggested Topics of Study:

Using OpenMusic
MIDI and OpenMusic
Using OpenMusic to control processes
Importing data from other programs (i.e, Audiosculpt)
Exporting data for synthesis (i.e, Csound, Modalys)

Current Students:

Enter the OpenMusic Course - Spring 2002

Enter the OpenMusic Course - Spring 2001

Enter the OpenMusic Handbook (password required)

OpenMusic Basics: Introduction