Color Organ with Audio Input

This Applet uses bandpass filters to extract signals with different frequencies from the input. It then maps the signal level to the length of a ray of the star. Each frequency has a different color.

Note: This Applet is temporarily disabled. It uses audio input and needs to be a signed Applet.

Because this JSyn uses audio input, it will not run at the same time as a JSyn Applet that does not use audio input. This is because JSyn gets two conflicting messages about how to open the audio device. So you should exit other JSyn Applets before running this Applet.

To Do:

  1. You may need to adjust your computer operating system audio control panel to enable the microphone. If you do not have a microphone, you may be able to play a CD through this Applet.
  2. Make sounds: sing, talk, whistle, go "shshsh", crank your stereo.
  3. Notice that low sounds and high sounds cause different colors to appear.