Using a Multitap Delay

This Applet provides a simple sound generator that you can play using your mouse. The output of the sound generator is passed through a Multitap Delay to create an echo or reverberation effect. You can move the taps forward or backward in time to change the nature of the echo.

In the display below you will see four orange circles representing the taps. The horizontal dimension represents increasing delay for each tap. The vertical dimension represents positive or negative amplitude for each tap. The X axis is zero amplitude.

To Do:

  • Click in the grey rectangle at the bottom right of the Applet. Notice how you can control the frequency and amplitude of a sound source. Drag the mouse to the bottom of the rectangle to stop the sound.
  • Notice that as the sound hits each tap you can see a red volume line appear.
  • Grab the tap circles and drag them. Notice the actual tap delay lags behind and chase the target delay value. Also notice that as the delays move the echoed sound is raised or lowered in pitch.
  • Increase or decrease the "feedback" fader to hear how it affects the decay time of the reverberation.
  • Move all the taps near the left edge to get a short reverb effect like a large room.
  • Move the taps to the right to get Grand Canyon echo effects.