Hearing Different Kinds of Noise

Noisy sounds can be generated by playing sequences of random numbers. This Applet plays three kinds of noise:
  • White Noise - simple series of random numbers, power distributed equally over all frequencies.
  • Pink Noise - complex series with an even distribution of power if the frequency is mapped in a logarithmic scale. (more bass)
  • Red Noise - periodically picks random numbers and then interpolates between them.
To Do:
  • Select White, Pink and Red noise using the radio buttons.
  • Notice that Pink noise looks more like stock market or other natural data than the White noise.
  • Change the frequency of the RedNoise generator. Hear and see what happens.
  • Theoretically, if you listen to WhiteNoise long enough you will hear every possible sound including the latest Top Ten songs. Try it! (Note to lawyers: any violations of copyright are unintentional.)