Oscillators—Band-Limited and NOT Band-Limited

Sine waves, sawtooth waves, triangle waves, and square waves are commonly used in audio synthesis. This applet lets you listen to each type of wave. The oscillators with "BL" after the name are band-limited. This means that they do not contain partials over the Nyquist limit, which can cause nasty grungy sounds, particularly at high frequencies.

To do:

  • Click on each radio box to hear each sound. You may have to scroll down to see them.
  • Click "SawBL" and sweep the frequency. Notice how the sound is smooth from low to high frequencies.
  • Click on "Sawtooth" and sweep the frequency slowly from the extreme left to the extreme right. Notice the grungy tones at high frequency.
  • The SawBL sounds much better but takes a lot more CPU power to calculate.