Mara Helmuth and Joran Rudi sent out the following invitation to a group of us involved in computer music:

I chose this story for my response -- it was published in the Fall, 1998 issue of ARRAY:

Shortly after my wife (Jill) and I were first married, we travelled
a bit through middle Europe.  We spent a fair amount of time in
the northeast corner of Switzerland -- Jill's family is originally
from the Appenzell canton.  When we first arrived in the town of
Appenzell, the weather was rather poor.  It had been raining steadily
for most of the morning.  By the time we parked the car, the rain had
dwindled to a fine mist, but enough to soak us both to the skin as
we walked around.  We happened to stop outside a smallish cathedral
to debate what the heck we were going to do the rest of the day when
the rain started to fall more heavily again.  About the same time the
church organist began some warm-up exercises that we could faintly hear
on the street.  Maybe a minute later this group of about ten silly
Swiss men in full Appenzell regalia came marching around the corner
playing a variety of brass and percussion instruments *in* *the* *rain*,
and somewhere off in the distance we heard one of those amazing Alpine
horns being sounded.  Something about the absurdity of the situation
combined with the amazing bounty of sound and the state of my life/mind
to make me really happy to be alive -- one of those particular epiphanies
that makes everything luminous for some time afterwards.  Context, eh?