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It was a crisp fall day, an harbinger of the autumn to come. The air had that sharp, blue clarity that you get in the mountains or at the beginning of October. The apprehension/anticipation I have for returning to New York was in full sway. It seemed that classes should be running.

That was several days ago, driving around on the island. The following day was hazy, and about as hot-and-humid as it gets out here. It felt like July.

The day after that was grey, cool, April-like. Time is jerking me around.

And the end of this summer is definitely... jerky. I mentioned above the semi-contradictory feelings I have about resuming NYC life, but that's just a small part of what's been happening. COVID is in full bloom again, thanks soooo much to the IDIOT anti-mask/anti-vaccine bozos. I got my third vaccine dose yesterday. This time they recognized that I'm in an "at-risk" group, yay! But it wasn't even the delta variant-fueled story of COVID that has done the primary jerking. Here's a digest of what I wrote to several good friends a few weeks ago:

Columbus Indiana, where I grew up, is a relatively affluent community, but
their hospital is just a disaster area.  My sister and I have had problems
with them through the years.  Anyhow, my dad had to go in for some minor
surgery, and we thought "ok, I guess they can handle it".  While in the
hospital(!), my dad contracted COVID-19.  Jeez.

So far he's doing well.  We're in a bit of a battle to keep the hospital
from sending him home, though, before he isn't infectious because my mom
is very much 'at risk' (she has some on-going respiratory problems).


PS:  The Columbus Hospital doesn't require vaccines of their doctors or
staff.  I can't blame this on them, though -- because they are a county
hospital, they are a 'governmental unit'.  In their grand and infinite wisdom,
the Indiana Legislature has prohibited 'governmental units' from enacting
vaccine requirements.  Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid,
stupid, IGNORANT people.
Things changed after I wrote that. My father did develop COVID symptoms, and the hospital staff finally recognized that there was no way my mom could handle my dad's return. Dad's still in the hospital, but the COVID danger has now passed. It was a totally frightening experience for me and my sis to go through, to think nothing of our mom! Dad's being put through some serious rehab to get his strength and general physical competency back, and we're all breathing a MASSIVE sigh of relief. Brenda's out with mom now, and dad should be home within a few weeks.

There's a lot more I can say, and eventually I probably will, but right now I can't talk much about this whole thing without resorting to profanity. Brenda and John were out here visiting last weekend, and we took a trip up to the northern -- much more politically conservative -- part of Whidbey. Right in the middle of Oak Harbor they were holding an anti-mask rally. Fortunately I didn't jump out of the car to express my feelings about these ABSOLUTE AND UTTER MORONS, or I probably would have wound up in jail. I simply cannot understand these people. What's wrong with them?!?

So much more has been happening, and not all bad. We had a marvelous visit with nephew Stefan and niece-in-law Alison. Shai and Naomi have been an on-going joy. And (as I mentioned above) Brenda and John managed to get here for a wonderful and much-needed visit, despite a severe flight delay (they were short-staffed for a flight crew!). I seem to be somewhat prepared for the coming school term, if in fact we have a coming school term! I go back to NYC in two weeks.


I'm posting this late (it's actually past September 17, 2021), but I need to start posting things again, and this was a special day:


So much has happened. The mid-August post above describes some of it, but I neglected to continue writing things here. To be sure, even though I wrote that August 21 post, I didn't put it online until now. I just lost track.

I'll start to get writing here again, because somehow I think I should. We've started classes, full-on contact (with masks and vaccines), at Columbia, so I'm back in New York. There are a LOT of people in the world. I'm a bit freaked-out.

I went to Indiana at the end of August after Brenda had left to help get Dad home and situated; all is returning to "normal" now.

Tomorrow we fly to Helsinki, finally to see Daniel again!!!!


We had a wonderful visit in Helsinki with Daniel.

This past weekend I went down to Roosevelt to see the Ellentucks and friends, Also terrific.

I miss Jill and the family so much!

Classes are going well. I wish I were more enthused about them.

Why am I not enthused? That's a question I will probably answer here some day. Next week I'm going in to negotiate (yeah...) my retirement with Columbia. A lot of my "weirdness" in some of the posts here have to do with it. We'll see how things go.