uRTcmix demo projects

November, 2019

Here are a number of Unity projects showing various ways of using uRTcmix within Unity. These were created using Unity v2.18, but they should work in later versions.

spheresound demos

These were the first demos created for uRTcmix. They are very simple demonstrations of how the system works. They're called "spheresound" because the uRTcmix scripts are associated with a sphere game object in each scene. There is no movement or any visual interaction -- only audio.

class demos

Most all of these come from the 2017 Sound: Advanced Topics II graduate seminar at Columbia University (hence the "class*" name on many of them). The projects listed below have been updated to reflect the current uRTcmix package, but the original syllabus/week-listing for the class contains the work-ups done to produce the final projects. Although they use an older version of uRTcmix, they may be instructive.

CCM demos

These two demos come from a weekend workshop done with Mara Helmuth's students at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. The students had already done some work with uRTcmix, so these demos cover slightly more advanced uses.

In addition to these examples, the work done in the 2019 Sound: Advanced Topics I graduate seminar should be helpful. Check the weekly links on the course syllabus for examples of developing a virtual environment with various uRTcmix features.