v 0.996 -- January 2011
based on SuperCollider 3, v 3.4

Brad Garton
Mac OSX 10.5/6; Max5

download sc3~

[sc3~] links the sound synthesis and signal-processing capabilities of the SuperCollider 3 music programming language into the Max/MSP real-time music environment. This extends both applications in a variety of ways: [sc3~] is similar in many of these respects to the [rtcmix~] and the [chuck~] objects.

The original SuperCollider language was written by James McCartney and is now an open source (GPL) project maintained and developed by various people. For more information about the SuperCollider 3 language, visit the SuperCollider 3 home page.

Download and Install

  Max5/Macintosh Directions (sorry, no windows version at present!)

Earlier versions of the [sc3~] object for older Max and OSX machines are available here.

Source Code

Known Problems

Note the less-than 1.0 designation of this object. I'm sure it is probably a bit "brittle", it has not been extensively tested and the method I use to invoke the SC3 processes can sometimes be very flaky. I hope people can find some use from the object. If enough interest is there, I may work to fix outstanding bugs and make it more robust. I'm also not a terrific SuperCollider programmer (as you will see by looking through some of my SC3 code in the help patcher), so there is much that I've 'left to the imagination'. Such is life.

I do know to watch out for these particular issues: I'll bet there are many more problems with the [sc3~] object, but they probably won't show up until just after I make this all publicly-accessible. Let me know how it goes for you!

Brad Garton
garton - at - columbia dot edu
January, 2011