[rtcmix~] for MaxMSP/Windows (10)

64-bit for Max/MSP 7 or 8; July 2020


1. Unpack the archive.

2. Copy/move the entire "RTcmix-0.1" folder intact to your "Documents\Max 7\Library\" or your "Documents\Max 8\Library\" folder (note: this is assuming you are using the default installation locations for Max/MSP).

3. Copy/move the "pthreadVC2.dll" file to the main "C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 7\" or "C:\Program Files\Cycling '74\Max 8\" folder (again assuming that you are using the default installation n locations for Max/MSP). There is probably a better place to put this DLL that [rtcmix~] needs, but I don't know what it is at present.

3. Start (or restart) Max/MSP. [rtcmix~] should be working.

note on editing scorefiles

You can use an external editor to create [rtcmix~] scorefiles. However, be sure that the editor can write "unix" or "OSX" line endings, not Windows line endings. Windows uses a combination carriage-return/line-feed scheme that will cause the RTcmix parser to crash. I haven't been able to fix this yet.

Brad Garton
July, 2020