Setting up OpenFrameworks/iOS to work with RTcmix

Brad Garton
February, 2015

Setting up the OpenFrameworks/iOS Xcode environment to build apps with the embedded RTcmix (iRTcmix) is fairly easy; much easier than the OpenFrameworks/Android RTcmix setup. Obviously you will need Xcode installed (this document works with Xcode 6.1.1). If you plan to build for real live iOS devices and not just the simulator, you will need to join Apple's iOS Developer Program. Have fun.

This will use the latest (0.8.4 as of this doc) OpenFrameworks package for iOS. Hopefully this will be updated soon, because 0.8.4 OF/iOS does not support 64-bit development. I believe the iOS App Store now requires this capability for app approval, so I expect that the OF community will deliver a 64-bit-capable development environment soon.

Good luck with this! -- brad