This is the latest 'beta' version (as of 12.25.2019) of my "myplaces" VR app, using uRTcmix for the music and audio (it's meant to be a music app...). I'm getting ready to release this to Zee Vorld, so any feedback or comments are much appreciated. If you've aleady seen earlier versions, not too much has changed in this. I've improved the movement system I'm using, plus added support for HTC Vive headsets/controllers in the VR version.

As before there are four 'locations' (two scenes in each), and I plan at least three more. Each scene is a remembered place from a location that had resonance in my life. There are two parts to each place. One is an open-ended, evolving soundscape of 'the place'. For the second, search for the Mystic Portal (what's a VR app without Mystic Portals?) and you'll be transported to a separate location with a more linear piece of music. Also: each location features a model of one of Jill's pottery pieces.

Here are the downloads:


on the keyboard:

If you use an Xbox controller:

The HTC Vive controllers:


For the HTC Vive system, I think I have the height resetting correct for all scenes, but there may still be some minor problems (like you may be viewing things too low or too high). Let me know if you encounter these situations.

For Apple users: if OSX does pop up the message saying "this app is damaged" or some nonsense like that, don't believe the stupid things that Apple says! It is not damaged, but they're trying to get everyone to use their STUPID app store.

First try holding the "CONTROL" key and clicking on the app. It should pop up a menu. Choose the "open" selection at the top to see if it will run. If it doesn't:

Brad Garton
December, 2019