Brad Garton Miscellaneous Stuff

In no particular order, here are links to other things that don't really fit anywhere else. Someday maybe I'll organize this into categories like "family" or "photos" or perhaps "cats of doom", but not today.

   pictures from our Wyoming trip


   Lian Lian's old web page

   Daniel Daniel's web page

   happy trucks figure this one out... :-)

   Lian Holiday Lian's Christmas gift to us one year -- I think she was a junior or senior in high school

   Dad My dad's campaign web page. No pages for my mom, Jill or Brenda! Darn!

   roosevelt-5.19.01 from a concert at Borough Hall

   silly applet 1, silly applet 2
I did these while learning Java. The first I put on the web just before leaving for a trip somwehere -- I missed my family! The second was for Lian (obviously).

   my short bio on the Computer Music Center page