v 0.9

Brad Garton, December, 2007
Mac OSX and Windows XP; Max/MSP v 4.5 or higher
java v 1.4 or higher also required

download and install maxlispj

The [mxj maxlispj] object brings the power and elegance of the LISP (specifically Common Lisp) programming language into the Max/MSP real-time music environment. [mxj maxlispj] uses abcl, a java-based implementation of Common Lisp auhored by Peter Graves. The LISP interpreter is completely encapsulated using the Max/MSP [mxj] java object, thus extending the capabilities of Max/MSP in the following ways:

Potential "Pitfalls"  (we wouldn't want to call them "bugs", would we?)

Download and Install

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Source Code

Final Words on This Web Page

The [mxj maxlispj] object was written by Brad Garton (hey! that's me!) and supercedes the older [maxlisp] object. [mxj maxlispj] is much less 'brittle', and it runs on Windows, too. The integration of java into Max/MSP via the [mxj] object made this project possible. As always, the good people on various development mailing lists (especially) java-dev@cycling74.com and armedbear-j-devel@lists.sourceforge.net were invaluable. Thanks!

I hope this may be useful for others; I'm having a blast with it. Let me know what you think!

Brad Garton
garton at columbia dot edu