v 0.8

Brad Garton, July 2004
Mac OSX; Max/MSP v 4.3 or 4.5 only

NOTE: The [maxlispj] object is more robust, and it also runs on Windows XP machines as well as both Intel and PPC Macs. I recommend using it instead of the older [maxlisp] object here.

download maxlisp

CLISP is a GNU implementation of Common Lisp, a widely-used version of the ancient and venerable LISP programming langauge. The [maxlisp] object completely encapsulates CLISP within the Max/MSP real-time music environment, extending the capabilities of Max/MSP in the following ways:

Potential "Pitfalls"  (we wouldn't want to call them "bugs", would we?)

Download and Install

Source Code

Final Words on This Web Page

The [maxlisp] object was written by Brad Garton with much advice and assistance from Dan Trueman and Luke DuBois (Dan wrote the internal buffer script-editing code). Joshua Kit Clayton was an invaluable resource, as always. Thanks guys!

I hope this may be useful for others; I'm having a blast with it. Let me know what you think!

Brad Garton
brad at music dot columbia dot edu