v 0.72, June, 2010 temporary add: v 0.78, January, 2011

The information here is curretly out-of-date, there is a much easier method for setting up XCode to use iRTcmix. Go here and scan through the various class 'week' links to find the latest betairelease. We will be putting the final version here in the next few weeks.

Happy Coding! The rest of this page is for the earlier 0.72 release, so the relevance of the documentation will indeed vary.

Brad Garton, January 2011

v 0.72 Material

This archive will unpack to a single iRTcmix_0.72-src/ folder. The README.[rtf/tx] files contain descriptions of and basic documentation for the contents of this folder. I've also created a short demo video showing how to build an iPhoneOS app using iRTcmix: If you'd like a higher-res version (the text is much more clear), click here. Be forewarned, this hi-res QuickTime movie is about 732 Mbytes.

The main RTcmix web pages are here:

and be sure to check out the snazzy ilooch app! Good luck with this, and let me know how it works for you if you'd like...

Brad Garton
garton - at - columbia - dot -edu
July, 2010