brad's first feeble attempt at a SuperCollider thingy
originally coded 3/2003, updated to SC3.3/3.4 2/2011)

granulatarize is my first attempt to write an app using SuperCollider, that nifty digital sound synthesis/sig-processing language written by James McCartney. Yeah, I know, everyone writes a simple granular-synthesis app, but I figured it would be (and it was) a good Learning Experience. Plus I read somewhere that James McC. got started down the happy path to SuperColliderhood with a gran-synth exercise.

I used SuperCollider 3 for this project, the language-client/processing-server architecture for Mac OSX (I think the linux version is almost finished, too). Instructions for getting and compiling the SC3 source can be found here.

I'm sure that the code is pretty embarrassing to hard-core Smalltalk and SuperCollider coders. I'm still a functional/procedural kinda guy, although I did manage to write a bunch of really unreadable semi-object-oriented LISP code back in the olden days.

I Wanna Make It Go!

What the buttons, sliders, etc. do

  • The Soundfile LOAD Button:
  • The Buffer # Box:

  • The GO! Button:
  • The Grain Rate Slider:
  • The Grain Duration Slider:
  • The Pitch Variance Slider:
  • The Stereo Variance Slider:
  • The Playback Location Slider:
  • The Playback Speed Slider:


    Please feel free to send me comments, etc.: Brad Garton (garton - at - Every once in a great while I randomly answer a bunch of stacked-up e-mail. Also be sure to visit the Computer Music Center home page. It's a fun place!

    Brad Garton
    3/2003; 2/2011