v 1.4/1.5 -- January 2009
based on ChucK v

Brad Garton
1.4: Mac OSX 10.4/10.5; Max/MSP v 4.x
1.5: Mac OSX 10.4/10.5; Max5

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[chuck~] brings the sound synthesis and signal-processing capabilities of the ChucK music programming language into Max/MSP real-time music environment. This extends Max/MSP in a variety of ways: [chuck~] is similar in many of these respects to the [rtcmix~] object. For more information about the ChucK language, visit the ChucK home page.

Download and Install

  Max5/Macintosh Directions (sorry, no windows version at present!)

  Max4.x/Macintosh Directions (sorry, no windows version at present!)

Source Code

Known Problems

Brad Garton
garton - at - columbia dot edu
January, 2009