PGT: Temporary Habitations

Audio Samples:

Crown (excerpt) - Minuit (excerpt) - Dome (excerpt)

The first CD release by PGT, a trio composed of Terry Pender (mandolin), Brad Garton (laptop), and Gregory Taylor (laptop) is an intimate snapshot of the improvising ensemble - three pieces that take their names from referential scraps of the place names where they were recorded around the time of the trio's various recent public performances.

This set of nomadic documents can be thought of as a live recording made in a single, moveable location - homes away from home, where friends meet in interchangeable rooms to pursue the pleasure of playing together while awaiting the opportunity to play for others. In the quiet of those convivial mornings, afternoons, and evenings, new timbres and timescales emerge as PGT take the opportunity to try new things away from the distractions and expectational inertia of the club or concert hall.

Temporary Habitations is available directly from PGT for $13 US, which includes postage and handling (for international orders, email us)