PGTr: Dan Trueman's House, Princeton NJ

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Based on the great time we had at the wondrous Roosevelt "Welcome Sound" event, we thought it would be fun to start playing around more as local opportunities presented themselves. We signed on to do a reception-thing (we love being the "lounge band"!) for the Hooked on Art Festival being held at Sandy Hook NJ on Oct. 17, but the problem is that Gregory is chained to his work-desk back in Madison WI because of an impending software release. Gad Zooks! What could we do?!?

Good friend Dan Trueman and his rockin' hardanger fiddle came to the rescue. Dan was part of the "Welcome Sound" super-group, and I had played with him before on several occasions. Dan says he's always happy to play, especially if all he has to do is show up with his fiddle and NOT do any of the signal-processing gunk. Being the signal-processing kinda guy I am, this works very well.

For the past several weeks, we've planned to get together at Dan's house to do some recordings, but classes starting plus a nasty cold that has been running around the CMC knocked out our earlier plans. Today, in fact, I was still getting over my round of the virus. But we finally did manage to meet for about an hour or so of playing. The various decongestants and cough-suppressants I was taking along with my anti-myeloma Revlimid made the whole world really weird. Good music for that state of mind, I think.