PGT: Stetson University Recordings and Performance, DeLand, FL

(all mp3 files)

Nathan Wolek invited Gregory down to do some talks/performances at Stetson University, so Terry and I jumped on the bandwagon and soon we were all headed south. The soundfiles above are from our wonderful stay there, many thanks Nathan and Stetson-people!

The first three were done late Monday afternoon at the house where we were staying. The second three were done on Tuesday afternoon in the Stetson studios, and the final four were recorded from our performance at the University Chapel that evening. Great crowd, fun times!

These recordings are from the mix we send (or would send) to the PA system, so they generally don't contain a lot of Terry's direct mandolin sound. We have other recordings with more mandolin present; we'll probably put them here in the future.

Some pictures: