PGT: SPARK-2009 Festival, Minneapolis, MN
(2/18/2009 -- 2/19/2009)

(all mp3 files)

Once again we were invited to perform at the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts 2009, this time at a very nice theatre/venue (the Minneapolis Bedlam Theater). The SPARK09-PGT.wednesday-soundcheck and SPARK09-PGT.wednesday-perform pieces above were recorded there (the latter obviously being the performance). The others were done in the happy Holiday Inn Metrodome. During the first few "wednesday" recordings we were having some technical problems, so the results a bit more... 'glitchy' than other PGT work. Kind of interesting, though. Gregory also did a show with his talented friend Tom Hamer with gorgeous visuals by Mark Hendrickson, perhaps he'll put some of that work on-line here or here

We like this festival! And big changes underway, too. Good luck Doug and Maja!

Some pictures: