PGT: 8th Encontro do Alentejo de Musica do Seculo XX.I Festival
(10/16/2008 -- 10/18/2008)

(all mp3 files)

Hey! We went to Portugal! My good friend Amilcar Vasques-Dias had asked if I could come over to do some music/workshops as part of his 8th Encontro do Alentejo de Musica do Seculo XX.I Festival. I suggested that PGT might come (knowing how much Amilcar likes to improvise along with his 'regular' music). He said yes, and there we were!

It was a wonderful trip; possibly one of the best-organized little festivals I have seen. Jose Alberto Ferreira and Rita Valente deserve much credit for putting together a really terrific stay. The workshops: great! The students: great! The hotel astoundingly great! The people: great!... oh heck, why even continue?

Gregory discovered it was a small "Dutch reunion time". Amilcar had spent a lot of time as a student in the Netherlands, and two performers from there (Reijer Dorresteijn, trumpet and Petra Luteijn, piano) were also participating in the Festival. Truly delightful people.

Because of commitments, Terry arrived two days after Gregory and I did, so the first two recordings above were from a rehearsal we did with Amilcar. The last four are from the performance in the Church of San Vicente in the middle of Evora, with Amilcar joining us for the last piece. The others are from earlier that afternoon. Also, the last four performance mp3s above were mixed by Terry from our multi-track recording of the event; all others are 'straight from the board' via a stereo digital recorder.

Manuela took us for a nice ride around Alentejo. Below are some touristy-pictures I took, and you can find a whole bunch more here.

Some pictures: